Cornerstone Geomatics, LLC is a professional land surveying company with 22 years of experience with many types of surveys including: boundary, construction, aerial control networks, ALTA/NSPS, subdivisions, collecting of GIS/Mapping data, and land planning.

Cornerstone has vast experience with property surveys within the various cities around Idaho but, we take great pride in serving the rural areas as well. The rural surveys are enjoyable as we are able to retrace original surveys dating back to the 1880’s. These surveys are completed in accordance with local ordinances, as well as, state code requirements and are completed by quality minded and trained staff.

With more than 18 years of experience in construction surveying of underground infrastructure to the most complex bridge and building projects, Cornerstone would provide quality service. Additional services such as project design, as-built surveys, and QA/QC surveying are offered. Cornerstone prides itself on providing efficient and quality service to our clients.

Cornerstone works alongside GIS/Mapping professionals, in various ways, to provide the most accurate and current data.

Simple to complex ALTA/NSPS surveys have been completed in a timely, cost effective and accurate manner. These surveys are performed using the most current ALTA/NSPS standards.

Cornerstone has experience in providing geodetic control to be used with aerial mapping surveys including photogrammetry and LIDAR to name a few. We work to provide quality data to the various agencies involved in this type of projects.